Parents and Friends

The Ceduna Area School Parents and Friends committee are a group of parents and caregivers who strive to act as a liaison between parents, administration and Governing Council.

The structure consists of a committee that is elected on a annual basis. It is governed by elected members who together with the Principal direct the work of the committee. We are a small group of parents and care givers who fundraise to provide additional resources that are considered necessary but the school budget may not allow for them.

Fundraising has included catering for many staff T&D sessions and conferences, raffles and the sale of second hand uniforms. Purchases made possible through our fundraising have included graduation gifts, a microwave for the Special Needs Room, blinds in our Middle School and sunscreen for all classrooms throughout the school. Future projects include the installation of a multifunctional fitness Health Track to one of our ovals.

This year we have tried to develop new ways to communicate with our school community by starting a Parents and Friends Facebook page. We encourage parents to leave suggestions, issues, problems and feedback on the page to allow the committee to take appropriate action as required.