Trade Training Centre

Our Trade Training Centre provides students with opportunities to gain practical skills by completing VET competencies in an industry relative to our area. Through this they can build employability skills that transfer successfully into the workplace. The Aquaculture Centre is a recirculating system consisting of 8 tanks, an extensive filtration system, water heater and aeration.

We stock Jade Perch which are a tropical freshwater fish native to Queensland. Jades are a hardy, fast growing fish well suited to farming and have the highest level of Omega 3 oils of any fish available in Australia. They have a firm white flesh and are great for smoking because of their high oil content.

We also keep Barramundi which are also tropical fish, native to the northern parts of Australia, are hardy, fast growing and highly regarded as a premium table fish. They thrive in high density situations and are proven performers in aquaculture systems. Both fish species enjoy a water temperature range of 18-32 degrees, with the ideal temperature being 28 degrees

Students from Years 10–12 have been involved in water quality testing, feeding the fish and cleaning tanks. They have graded the fish by weighing and measuring them and recording the data. Future tasks will include processing, smoking fillets, marketing and sales.